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Why is LGBT History Month important?

09 February

Montreal Careers - Why is LGBT History Month important?

LGBT History month is important for a number of reasons, here are just three:


Remembering those without rights

There are still 73 jurisdictions in the world that criminalise "private, consensual, same-sex sexual activity", according to Human Dignity Trust. 331 trans and gender diverse people were murdered in 20, according to group Transrespect.


To discover the hidden histories we were never taught

LGBTQ+ identities have existed as long as humans have, but history books tend to either barely mention, completely ignore or deliberately erase LGBTQ+ people’s existence and contributions.


To let LGBTQ+ children see themselves reflected back in their history

What does it do to children when their own identity is not reflected back at them? We read stories as children based on myths, parables and histories to inspire us to achieve often in spite of a character’s identity. Seeing people you identify with not just exist in history, but achieve and conquer huge feats impacts what a person feels they can achieve themselves.


Here are some articles you may want to read if you’re interested in finding out more about LGBT history month or LGBT people throughout history:


At MA we value and prioritize solidarity and equality for all people and are proud to be part of those who are supporting this important educational month, helping to raise the visibility of LGBT+ people, their experiences and history.


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