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Your wellbeing is key to your success. And we want to help you be successful.

At MA we know that your wellbeing is a lot more than how you feel about work between the hours of 9 to 5. 

Our wellbeing programme recognises the flexibility you need to truly gain a work-life balance. It also provides access to all the things you could possibly need to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing in and outside of work. We understand that to achieve your best, you have to feel your best. and we want to help you achieve that.

Our Agile working environment

We know that for most of us, we're going to need some flexibility. We've all got used to the idea of being home in the morning for that delivery, being able to take time mid-day to go for a run or take an hour mid-afternoon to do the school run. At MA, we've baked that flexibility into the way we work.

We ask our recruitment teams to be in the office for three days a week and our Business Services teams for two (though of course, you can do more if you wish). And whether at home or the office, you'll have 'core hours' that you can flex your start and finish times around. Simply keep your manager informed of when you're planning to flex and when you'll be in the office - then manage your own workload accordingly.

Our Agile Working policy exists because at MA we know that if you're capable of adulting in your personal life, you're capable of it in your professional life too.

Positive wellbeing comes first

Wellbeing is something that we know is important for everybody, now more than ever. MA has partnered with ‘Heka’ a wellbeing platform that provides our team with access to a wide range of discounted healthcare services and products. From spa treatments to food supplements, counselling sessions to personal trainers, Heka has something for everybody.

They also have a library of online well-being content for you to explore at your leisure. Activities take place both online and in-person, so whether you're in the office or working from home, in London or Barcelona there's no excuse not to look after yourself.

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